• Specialization in Asian, South Asian Mental Health
  • Cultural and/or Religious Concerns
  • Exploring how to be connected to your loved ones while forming your own views/identity
  • Exploring how to improve communication and set healthy boundaries in relationships (parents, partners, colleagues, friends, family) 
  • Exploring how to cope with family stressors and/or conflict with consideration to cultural/family norms
  • Providing tools to cope with depression, anxiety, panic, stress, grief, anger, guilt, and shame in context of your personal and relevant cultural values

Navigating Bicultural and Multicultural Identity.

  • Navigating life transitions (retirement, illness, various forms of grief/loss, aging process, adjustment to new or changing relationships)
  • Understanding and exploring ways of promoting healthy aging
  • Providing individual caregiver support for caregivers of loved ones with illness, disability, or cognitive disorders such as dementia

Geriatric/Older Adult Mental Health.

  • Learning how to identify what triggers anger, anxiety, panic, depressive episodes and tools to cope with it
  • Education about sleep hygiene and evidence-based insomnia treatment 
  • Tools to cope with relationship and marital stress
  • Understanding how our mind and body are connected and learning ways to improve healthy living

Stress Management.